The Lost Sanctum

Kalcight a posted Nov 3, 17

Welcome Back

Hello everyone, our staff team comes bearing good news. The main world has been reset and the server is officially open for players old and new to come on and enjoy. If you were one of the few who put in for their homes to be transferred to the new world then feel free to come on and speak to a member of our staff team to get your stuff moved. We apologize for any inconveniences that the reset may have caused but we have now taken precautions to stop this from happening again.

Things that were transferred to the new world

  • Balance
  • Rank
  • Tags
  • Items in your enderchest
  • Items in your inventory
  • mcMMO stats
  • Jobs stats
  • Battle levels

Things that were not transferred to the new world

  • Towns
  • Nations
  • Saved Homes
  • Some Bases, If unsure if yours was kept, message a staff member.

Important Information

When logging in to the new world you may notice that all of your /homes are still listed when inputting the command. For the sake of making our jobs easier we ask that you please be aware that this is a new world and there is no telling where your home may take you. We suggest removing them all and start fresh. If you would like to remove your homes just do /delhome [name] and its as simple as that.

If you have any questions, feel free to add them here or pop into discord to speak to a staff member at:

~The Lost Sanctum Staff Team